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8 Whisky Highballs for Year Round Sipping

If you want a whisky cocktail that’s both easy to make and easy to personalise, a highball is going to be your go to.

Highballs are one of the most common types of cocktails, sometimes referred to as a mixer. Served in a tall glass, they combine a single or double shot of spirit with a larger percentage of soft drink, such as soda water or fizzy lemonade. They’re also typically chilled with plenty of ice and a fruity garnish that compliments the flavours of the highball.

With no need for a cocktail shaker, highballs are also a great serve for when you’re hosting a crowd or fancy a quick drink. Simply pick your favourite mixer or combine with freshly squeezed fruit juice to make up something new. 

With whisky being a smooth, sweet spirit, it makes the perfect base for a year round highball. Mix with light, refreshing flavours for a fresh summer drink. Or add spiced ingredients and festive flavours to make a party cocktail for the holiday season.

Whether you’re looking for simple, fruity, floral or unique, here’s our favourite whisky highball recipes to get you inspired.

Scotch and Soda


If you order a whisky highball, you’ll likely be served this original recipe which has been a staple in cocktail making since soda water came about over 200 years ago.

Otherwise known as Scotch and Soda, this whisky highball is simple, light and bubbly, with just three ingredients: whisky, soda water and plenty of ice. The secret to getting it right is using a quality scotch, one you would be happy to sip neat. Our recipe calls for The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve single malt, which boasts classic flavours and a smooth, creamy finish.

Elderflower Collins

Add a touch of springtime sweetness with this light and fizzy whisky highball. The Elderflower Collins is as refreshing as it gets. Perfect for surprise sunny afternoons. 

The floral and citrus flavours of fresh lemon and elderflower cordial complement the smooth, bold notes of our single malt whisky. Creating a drink you can sip all season long.

Grapefruit Paloma

Make your highball bittersweet with the tangy, tart taste of grapefruit. The crisp, zesty flavour of grapefruit juice combines with freshly squeezed lime and golden single malt scotch in this take on a Mexican classic cocktail.

Serve the Grapefruit Paloma with a dash of sugar syrup to keep things balanced in a highball glass with ice and a fruit wedge.

Scotch Whisky Coffee

Whisky highballs just got caffeinated. Swap your afternoon coffee for this energetic drink by mixing sweet single malt from the Speyside hills with freshly brewed filter coffee.

The Scotch Whisky Coffee is our take on the Irish equivalent. Smooth, creamy and guaranteed to be your new favourite coffee cocktail. Top with freshly whipped cream for an extra silky serve.

Scotch and Rosemary Highball

Fresh herbs bring a new sense of freshness to cocktail making. And this whisky highball is no different.

In our Scotch and Rosemary Highball, smooth single malt is first topped with ginger beer for a fizzy, spiced flavour. It’s then stirred with a rosemary sprig garnish to elevate the aromatic notes of the drink. Perfect for festive occasions and all year round sipping.

Scottish Spring Matcha

You can’t go wrong with a classic whisky highball. But we also love a creative twist. Like our Scottish Spring Matcha, a beautiful whisky matcha cocktail that looks as good as it tastes.

Coconut, matcha, whisky and fresh lime combine to create this sunny drink. With an edible flower garnish to contrast with the matcha’s green colouring.

Morning Glory Fizz

Keep it fresh and fruity with this classic whisky cocktail, served highball style. The Morning Glory Fizz is perfect for any occasion. Light brunch drinks, summer cocktail hour or a dinner party aperitif – anything goes. 

Fun, fizzy and peachy, we love the sweet, light flavour of this cocktail, paired with the smooth notes of The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve.

Grain and Cane

Try our Cranachan cocktail for a whisky highball with an acidic raspberry twist. Inspired by the classic Scottish dessert, this drink uses the best of our homeland’s raspberries and smooth single malt. 

A touch of white balsamic vinegar and squeeze of lemon juice balance out the sweet flavours, keeping the cocktail super refreshing for summer days in the sun.

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